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10 Ways I Self Care

I talk quite a bit about self care on The RuggedAngel Cast. Here are 10 ways that I have found personally helpful in taking care of myself. Unfortunately, exercise isn't one of them...yet.

1. Saying "no" when I mean it and want to. It's better to say "yes" to what you really want to and can do, than to cancel at the last minute.

2. I find horror movies to be very comforting for me when I'm feeling anxious or angry. Maybe because the fear is controlled or the feeling that "at least I don't have it that bad".

3. Cleaning. I love the smell of cleaning supplies and having a visual end goal.

4. Reading. This is something that I have been trying to find more and more time to do lately.

5. I pray constantly, throughout the day.

6. Putting my phone away. I am old enough to remember a time when you weren't expected to be accessible 24 hours a day. I miss that time.

7. Having actual, face to face, conversations with friends and family. Stop relying on Facebook to give check in with your friends and their lives. We all need human interaction in our lives.

8. Making and crossing off "To Do" lists. Such satisfaction comes from completing a task and dragging a pen mark through it.

9. Making Spotify playlists. I love music and and I love lists. If my work day is getting out of control, I pick a theme and take some time to make a playlist around it.

10. Eating right and drinking plenty of water. With the help of my husband and Sunbasket, I'm starting to get into cooking. Mostly, I'm getting a kick out of juicing, smoothies and desserts. Baby steps...

#SelfCare #spotify

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