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Cry For Help?

The trailer for the new Brangelina film, 'By The Sea' has been released. The story, set in the 70s, finds Vanessa (Jolie) and Roland (Pitt), in the middle of, what appears to be, a loveless marriage. I'm sure it will be an interesting movie with high drama, artistic framing of these beautiful beings, and probably an ending that I won't agree with, or fully understand. And I will go see it. Happily.

Here's the thing. I'm not here to pick apart this movie, or even the trailer. I am here to find out, what is the obsession the Jolie-Pitts have with depicting married couples in a downward spiral of a marriage?

First, in 2005, there was the film that started this entire relationship, 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. Pitt and Jolie star as a couple of assassins, who are married to each other and have no idea that the other is keeping the same secret. The chemistry in this film is enough to stump Walter White. And (SPOILER) it all works out in the end. But that doesn't change the fact that there was a house destroying, bullets flying, kick you in the crotch, uncomfortably hot, donnybrook that took place between the two.

Later that year, Brad and Angie got dolled up for a 60 PAGE PORTFOLIO in W Magazine, posing as a 1960s couple with a mess of children. The spread starts off, cute enough...

..but then takes a wicked (but still kinda hot) turn.

This brings me to the current film, 'By The Sea'. Yes, these two are artists. Yes, they are professionals. Yes, I'm sure all of this doesn't REALLY mean anything....

..but does this mean anything?

'By The Sea' is due in theaters, November 13.

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