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Make a Film in 48 Hours?!

Have you ever tried to make a film? What if you were given a genre, a line of dialogue, a prop, a character and 48 hours to make a 4 to 7 minute film? Could you do it?

Well, that is what's going down in Pittsburgh, for the 9th year, this weekend. As the city Producer, I love this time of year! There are 47 teams of filmmakers that have joined this circus. If you live in PIttsburgh, don't be surprised to see frantic filmmakers runing around town between July 10 & 12. Unless you want to contribute, I would just stay out of the way.

The experience level varies from families who have never shot a movie and just think of this as a fun activity to professional filmmakers who see this as a break from their normal work flow. Either way, the end results are entertaining.

All films will be screened at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont on July, 19, 10, & 21. There are 4 different screenings, each with 12 original locally made films. Click the links to find ticket info and featured teams.

Sunday 7/19

Screening A 3pm

Screening B 7pm

Monday 7/20

Screening C 7pm

Tuesday 7/21

Screening D 7pm

Take a look at some of the films from past Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Projects. You can also follow #pgh48hfp on Twitter to see what these adventurous artists are up to!

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