• Kahmeela Adams

2015 JEM Won't Get My Money

In 1985, I was 9 years old and in LOVE with the animated television series, JEM and The Holograms. There was nothing more exciting than that opening theme music which kicked off my next 30 mins of entertaiment.

I enjoyed the music so much, that I hooked up a microphone, next to the TV speaker and recorded each song to a cassette tape. I'm pretty sure I still have that cassette. When Netflix started streaming JEM, I spent more than my fair share of weekends binge watching and reminiscing back to a simplier time, before bills and adult responsibilites. So, when it was announced that there was a live action JEM movie in the works, I was BEYOND excited.

Today, I saw this:

I don't know who these girls are, but they are NOT my JEM and/or The Holograms.

FIRST - JEM aka Jerrica Benton was a grown ass woman, who owned and operated Starlight Music, as well as ran a foster home for young girls. This new bunch, seems to be a group of tweens running amuck, for whom I give zero Fs. Did the filmmakers not do the math? Anyone who would be dropping cash to see a live action JEM movie, is more than likely over the age of 30. Why would we care about these babies and their "struggles with success".

SECOND - Where are The Misfits? Where is Synergy? The Misfits were their rival band that were there to shake things up. Synergy was the reason JEM existed. Plus, holographic computers? Still cool.

THIRD - The music that is being "performed" in the trailer, makes me want to hang this fake band my their vocal chords. There style of dress suggests something with a bit more edge. But what I'm hearing, is tapioca pudding.

Hey Hollywood, if you want to make The Rocking Babysitters Club movie, than do it. But please, don't call it JEM and The Holograms. Also, we've seen this movie before. Young unknown, finds success, likes success, pushes away loved ones, hates success, blah, blah, rinse and repeat.No thanks. You can, straight up, keep ALL of this.

Now, take a trip back to 1985 and listen to real, JEM and The Holograms.

#JEMandTheHolograms #80scartoons

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