• Kahmeela Adams

28 Days of Black Cinema: Day 6

The Inkwell (1994)

Starring: Larenz Tate, Joe Morton, Glynn Turman, Suzanne Douglas

Directed by Matty Rich

Written by Trey Ellis, Paris Qualles

"You pluck it, like a guitar." - Kenny Tate

After accidentally burning the family house down, Drew Tate (Larenz Tate) and his parents, go visit his aunt and uncle at Martha's Vineyard for two weeks. This is your basic coming of age and fish out of water tale.

Because of the accidental arson and the fact that Drew has full on conversations with a doll, his family thinks it's a good idea that he talk to a therapist. Drew learns a lot of life, love, and himself in these two weeks, while his parents fight to keep their marriage strong.

There are no stereotypes in this film, just great solid characters and acting. Except for maybe Drew's cousin's friends. They're a bit overacted. as well as some of the afro wigs.

After seeing Glynn Turman on an episode of Law and Order, I tweeted that I wanted to see him and Joe Morton in an "act off". Please see below:

Many years ago, I was a waitress and waited on Glynn Turman once. So that, coupled with this tweet, makes us practically family.

Down to Watch Podcast "The Inkwell" Episode

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