• Kahmeela Adams

28 Days of Black Cinema: Day 3

Mahogany (1975)

Directed by Berry Gordy

Written by Toni Amber (story), John Byrum (screenplay)

"Success is nothing without someone you love, to share it with." - Brian

Diana Ross stars as Tracy, a young woman trying to make it on her own. Her dream is to become a fashion designer, but she is findingit difficult to do in Chicago.

She meets and falls in love with Brian (Billy Dee Williams) a young man looking to revitalize the very city Tracy wants to abandon.They make it work, for awhile, as long as Tracy is ok with pushing her dreams aside, in order to help Brian make his political goals come true. Brian doesn't see it for the fashion world.

One day, Tracy gets a call from Sean (Anthony Perkins) a world famous fashion photographer. He wants her to come to Rome and become is next model muse, "Mahogany". Tracy says "later" to Brian and goes off to Rome to make her dreams come true. But at some point, the importance of doing it on her own, becomes either less important to her or nearly impossible. Plus, Sean turns in to a real bitch when he doesn't get what he wants.

Miss Ross is fantastic and absolutely beautiful in the lead role. Billy Dee does his best. I feel like he's mostly there so the audience can wonder, "Why would she leave HIM? She must REALLY want a career in fashion." Anthony Perkins is more creepy than persuasive. Actually, all of the male characters in this film are pretty disgusting. All of them just want to useTracy as a prop in their own fantasies.

This movie should have had a different ending. I won't ruin it for you. It's still a movie worth seeing. I just think the message is very confusing. You decide.

"Do You Know Where You're Going To (Theme To Mahogany)"

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