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Top 10 Celebrity Music Video Cameos

Updated: May 29

For some reason, I feel giddy when I see an actor out of their usual context. Like, for example, in a music video of someone that you would imagine their paths would never cross with. These aren’t just cameos, some are full blown starring roles. But all of the actors have made the video better with their appearance.

This is my list of Top 10 Celebrity Music VideoCameos. Yes, I am aware that Alicia Silverstone was basically the Aerosmith Girl in the 90s, and no, none of those videos made it on my list.

10. Kanye West – “The New Workout Plan”

Anna Nicole Smith

Tracie Ellis Ross

It’s not so much Anna Nicole Smith, who plays the roles of spokes model, workout Instructor and Ella May from Mobile Alabama that makes this video noteworthy. It’s Traci Ellis Ross in dual roles as Fifi LeBeoff, (Video Vixen) and as her disgruntled self, that makes me want to believe that Kanye DOES have a sense of humor somewhere underneath all that Yeezus.

9. Eminem and Rihanna- “I Love The Way You Lie”

Megan Fox

Dominic Monaghan

Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan star as a couple that should have never been together, in a music video for a song by a couple of musicians you would have thought you’d never see together.

The video is extremely tense as we watch this couple travel on a downward spiral of abuse and crazy in every form. Another ode to Kim, Em?

But I must admit. After watching this video, I looked at Dominic, a bit…..differently.

8. Common – “I Want You”

Kerry Washington

Before she was keeping the POTUS and all of DC in check, Kerry Washington was Common’s crazy ex-girlfriend. Not for real! At least, as far as I know. In the video, Common is hosting a dinner party with new girlfriend, Alicia Keys. Kerry somehow sneaks onto the scene. Common catches her having her own private film fest of the couple’s happier times. I love Common, but I feel like, Kerry is acting for the both of them during this scene. Oh, and Kerry also directed the video!

7. Lady Gaga – "Paparazzi"

Alexander Skarsgard

I didn't give any thought to Gaga until I saw Alexander "Bleeping" Skarsgard in her video. Then, she got interesting. He plays the boyfriend who tries to murder her. Probably for the amount of closet space she takes up. He’s only in the very beginning and very end. But if it weren't for ol Alex, I would have never listened to a full Gaga jam, on purpose.

6. CeeLo Green – "Cry Baby"

Jaleel White

Jaleel White delivers the most pleasant break up song on a sound stage, complete with a choreographed number alongside doo wop girls, soda fountain jerks and milkmen to a somewhat confused young lady. I’m always happy to see Jaleel working in a non- Urkel capacity.

5. Imagine Dragons – "Radioactive"

Lou Diamond Phillips

Underground stuffed animal fights. If that isn’t enough to get you to watch the video, how about the fact that Lou Diamond Phillips is the mastermind behind it all?

4. The Beastie Boys – "Make Some Noise"


Seriously, it’s a who’s who of Hollywood. You spend a great portion of the video just pointing everyone out. Is that waiter, Ted Danson? Why is Orlando Bloom busking? I think Mya Rudolph would know better than to party with Kirsten Dunst. But what I find most enjoyable, is itty bitty Elijah Wood in the role of a Beastie Boy.

3. Muse – "Hysteria"

Justin Theroux

A man wakes up in a trashed hotel room. He is seemingly clueless about his activities from the night before. The only thing he has to put the pieces together, is a video camera containing images of himself doing some disturbing things. It appears that he has no memory of these acts and proceeds to flip, the fudge out. That man is Justin Theroux.

2. The Shoes – "Time To Dance"

Jake Gyllanhaal

You know how it is. You have a party, the party is over. You’re ready for bed, but there are those last couple of guest who just. Won’t. Leave. You have no choice but to go in the other room, put on your fencing mask and start slashing throats. That is the opening to this video starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a hipster Patrick Bateman.

1. Fatboy Slim – "Weapon Of Choice"

Christopher Walken

What is better than Christopher Walken dancing his heart out through an empty hotel while Bootsy Collins sings “Walk without rhythm and you won’t attract the worm.” You’re correct. NOTHING. Walken will always be my weapon of choice.

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