About Kahmeela...

Hello! I am Kahmeela Adams.   Talking about myself is my least favorite thing, but here goes ...

I have been described as a “media maven” and a “reserved pop culture genius.” How did this happen?  Well, my mother ran a children's performance group to spread positive messages in our community.  After years performing on stage, as a child, I decided I am better suited behind the scenes. Primarily, I am a producer.  In Pittsburgh I have produced short films, art shows, film festivals and I co-ran a pop-up art gallery for four years.  My hallmark event, if you didn't know already, is The Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project.


As an artist, film and photography have always been twin passions of mine.  Not only do these art forms suit my introverted nature, they empower me to compose and capture special moments.  To challenge myself to be more extroverted, I produce and host several podcasts with the following titles (and descriptions): The RuggedAngel Cast (featuring women who live their lives out-loud and independently), Down to Watch (featuring random guests who review films or albums with me), ReVisiting Sunnydale (need Buffy the Vampire Slayer commentary and reviews? this is the spot).  

In The News...

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